Taking Care of Yourself!

It’s no secret that besides wedding planning, fitness is my second love. I eat, breath, sleep weddings – but when I’m not I’m probably at the gym, doing some sort of crazy class or cooking healthy food. While I’ve always had a passion for fitness, in the past two years it evolved into a hobby for me.

So it’s no surprise that my next post is going to be about taking care of yourself. Most of the couples I meet are headed up the corporate ladder, busy planning a wedding and some even through in another major life event such as purchasing or building a home together. Can we say stress? It’s hard enough trying to find time to manage work and person life (do you even see that person you’re engaged to?), but to throw in wedding to the mix just exasperates most people.

So today we’re going to talk about finding time to take care of yourself. Now I’m not talking about finding 2+ hours a day to hit the gym, I’m going to give you some easy ideas on how you can take a little bit better care of yourself that hopefully won’t take you much time. Of course if you can carve an hour out of your day to workout – please do it!!

1. Drink more water! I know what it’s like working in the corporate world (or any world for that matter) – Coffee seems to be at an abundance. Do yourself a favour and find a fun 1Litre water bottle and carry it around with you. Start off by trying to drink 2-3 litres a day. It’s easy if you keep it with you and refill it instead of your coffee mug.

2. Meal Plan! Spend a few hours on Sunday preparing some healthy options for lunches and dinners. It’ll make it easier during your hectic week to grab a healthy meal instead of running to the nearest fast food option in the food court at work. Make a big salad with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, peppers, even a few dried cranberries and store it in the fridge. Then all you have to do is grab a smaller container, fill it with your pre-made salad, throw in half a chicken breast (BBQ a bunch of those up and keep around too) and voila! A quick easy lunch! Throw in an apple, an orange, a few almonds, some pre-cut carrots and other veggies and you have a bag full of great options during the day!

3. Get out for half hour at lunch. Take a breather! Get outside for a quick walk and away from behind your desk. You’ll be more productive if you get out, stretch your legs and clear your mind.

4. Take some time out with your fiancĂ© to do something other than plan the wedding. Dedicate one night where you can’t talk about the wedding. Watch a movie, go for a walk, hit the gym together, or heck COOK a healthy meal together. Remember why you got engaged in the first place!

5. Sleep! Make sure you get ample sleep to keep you going. Don’t rely on the caffeine to keep you going. Make sure you’re getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

Next we’ll be giving tips on things to do the week of your wedding and the day of your wedding to keep you feeling your best!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Guestbook Station

Step 1 – Strike a Pose
Step 2 – Attach Photo to Guestbook
Step 3 – Sign your photo and leave Jennifer and Dave a message.

Three steps is all we asked guests to do when they entered Jennifer and Dave’s wedding reception. Three steps that left them with a fun filled memory book of all their friends and family that celebrated their wedding day!

Jennifer and Dave were married in September at the fabulous Bonterra restaurant. We had so much fun with these two planning their cocktail reception. The food stations that Bonterra set up for us were delectable and guests treated to the chef’s creations all evening long.

We set up a guestbook station at the main entrance and captured each guest as they arrived for the wedding reception. Guests then wrote messages to Jennifer and Dave in a scrapbook. Now the couple has a great memory of all their guests at the wedding along with some great messages. We used a Polaroid camera with mini photos and guests loved them. We made sure to get a few extras so that if guests wanted to take a photo home they could. The couple also assigned the groom’s daughter to take photos during the night with it and we placed those in the back of the album.

Just a small added touch that guests loved and talked about – make your guestbook interactive and involve your guests!


Centrepieces – From Inspiration to Reality

We’re back to talk about C+C’s reception centrepieces. We were fortunate to work with Rebecca from Rebecca Dawn Designs. Early in the planning process I introduced Rebecca to the bride who had seen some of Rebecca’s work at a work function and had commented on how amazing her work was. So it was an easy match when these two met up! Rebecca quickly harnessed the vision we had for the room and went to work on creating gorgeous centrepieces for the table. One requirement we had was that they be easy for guests to take with them without taking the rented glass.

Here’s our inspiration photo:

We ended up with three different centrepieces on each table – each being tied with ivory ribbon so they could easily be grabbed on the way out. We went with roses, mini roses and hydrangeas. They looked stunning against the ivory pallet we went with on the tables.

We love how they turned out!

Wedding Cake – From Inspiration to Reality

Yesterday we showed your our inspiration for C+C’s Out-of-town gift boxes and what they ended up looking like. Today we’re going to share the inspiration we found for their cake and cupcakes and what they ended up looking like.

We decided early on during a floral consult we would be using roses quite a bit for the wedding, so we wanted that to transfer over to a few details, especially the cake. So we asked Crave to decorate the cutting cake with rosettes and bring that into the mini cupcakes as well. We think it turned out lovely! We then added a bed of hydrangas to the bottom of the stand to hide the legs of the stand. And yes, they were as delicious as they look! Hmm… time for a cupcake run?

Out of Town Guest Boxes – The Finished Product

A few weeks ago we shared some ideas on what to put into your out-of-town gift boxes for your guests. Today we’re going to let you in on what we included in C+C’s guest boxes this past weekend for all their guests staying in the fabulous town of Banff!

First we found some great ideas on Pintrest, and paired it with the one thing you can’t go to Banff and not buy – FUDGE!

We started by purchasing mugs and had the amazing Kristine at Spoonful of Sugar design the graphic to go on the mugs. Next we purchased mason jars and filled them half with hot chocolate mix and half with mini marshmallows. We then tied mini bottles of Baily’s to them. YUM! Hot Chocolate and Baily’s? Yes please!!
Next we found some delicious fudge and threw it in along with a card thanking guests for traveling to the wedding. We used an amazing image of the couple taken by the very talented Paul from PMG Images during their engagement session. Then we put it all in a box and had them delivered to each guest’s room at all the hotels they were at. They were a hit with the guests!