Samantha and Geoff – From Inspiration to Reality

We’d like to show you another inspiration to reality couple from this year. Samantha and Geoff were married in May of 2014 at the DeWinton Community Hall. We took a fresh spring colour of greens and bright pinks and paired it with silver and white. We kept the centrepieces fun and incorporated one of Samantha’s favourite flowers, gerber daisies, in tall cylinder vases. Guests took home globes with pink and white carnations and m&m candies. And of course there was much more candy to be eaten at their fabulous Candy Bar!

Congratulations again to Samantha and Geoff!


Samantha and Geoff - From Inspiration to Reality

Samantha and Geoff – From Inspiration to Reality

Samantha and Geoff - From Inspiration to Reality

Samantha and Geoff – From Inspiration to Reality

Cassi & Cody – From Inspiration to Reality

Probably my favourite part of any wedding is when we finally get to put all the pieces we’ve been working on together. The linens go on the table, the napkins are folded, centrepieces are in place and the lighting team is working their magic.

I love looking back on all our inspiration photos from our design boards and seeing how it came to life.

So today we’re going to show you Cassi & Cody’s Inspiration to Reality photos. The room we had to work with had very little character, making lighting one of the most important elements in transforming the space. The team at Stardust Event Group made the room unrecognizable when they were done.

A special thanks to all our vendors who made this all possible – Swirl Cakes, Great Event Rentals, Blank Page Designs, Funky Petals Midlake, and Dreamer Event Rentals.

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Cassi & Cody – From Inspiration to Reality

Cassi & Cody - From Inspiration to reality

Cassi & Cody – From Inspiration to reality


Controlling your guest list with the RSVP card

You have your guest list done and are hitting the limit with the number of guests you can invite due to the size of your venue. If your single friends decide to bring their date of the week, you’ll have to seat some guests in the bar or hallway if ¬†you’re not careful. So how can you ensure that they know not to bring a date “just because”? Or how do you ensure that those with kids get the hint you’re hoping for an adult only wedding?

Traditionally RSVP cards had just a line for guests to write their name in and not much else. Today RSVP cards can be a source of information for the guests and the couple inviting them.

Consider having your stationer make different RSVP cards that specify how many “seats” have been reserved for each invitee. This gives the guests no choice but to respect your wishes. “We have reserved 1 seat in your honour” clearly spells out – please don’t bring a date! Or “We have reserved 2 seats in your honour” = please leave the kiddos at home.

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This is also a chance to ask guests what they’d like to eat for dinner, if they have any allergies or food intolerances you should notify the kitchen about and maybe even what song they’d like to hear during the dance. You can also have some real fun and make it into a Mad Lib card and save them in your guestbook.

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Don’t forget to include an RSVP by date, your wedding website if you want guests to RSVP online, and postage on the envelopes if you would like guests to RSVP via snail mail.


Place cards vs. Seating Chart

So all your RSVPs are back (well almost!) and now it’s time to do the second most daunting tasking on your wedding planning list — the seating plan! (what’s the first most daunting item you ask? Coming up with the initial guest list of course!)

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Once you THINK you have it all figured out now it’s time to decide if you need or should have place cards, a seating chart, or BOTH! Here are some reasons why you should have place cards vs just a seating chart:

1. Meal options – if you’re having a sit down plated dinner then chances are you’ve asked your guests on their RSVP cards what they’d like to have for dinner. Besides telling the kitchen that table two has three chicken, 4 beef , and one vegetarian with a gluten allergy in advance, you’ll also want a way for the wait staff to know where to deliver those plates to at that table. Place cards can be colour coded or decorated to tell them just that. Writing in colour one indicates beef, writing in colour 2 indicates chicken and so on and so forth. You can also add coloured gems or stickers to the cards to not only indicate what that guest is eating but embellish the place cards.

2. Family issues – if you need mom and dad to sit at the same table, but they’re separated and can’t be seating next to one another, having place cards at the table tell guests where to sit so you’re not left with an uncomfortable situation.

3. Placement at the table – make sure mom doesn’t end up with her back to the head table and podium by making sure her place card is placed at the most desirable seat at the table. Mom will love that you thought of that!

Seating charts are still a useful tool to direct guests to their table and once they are there they can find their seat. If you have none of the above to think about then a seating chart is a good option. Guests can sit where ever they’d like at the table and play musical chairs should they choose. If you have place cards you can choose to have them on the table and use a seating chart to direct guests to their tables, or have the place cards laid out at the entrance of your venue in alphabetical order for guests to find. They’ll have to have a table number on them in addition to their name.

Instead of a place card you could also attach a sticker or tag to a favour with all that information too!

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Want to have some fun and make sure all your guests get to know one another? Have a second place card under the first one and have the MC announce this after the main course is cleared. Then during dessert guests have to change seats and get to know their new neighbour!

Head Table Ideas – Part 2

So now that you’ve determined the layout of your head table – (see our previous post here) now it’s time to do something special to it! I love to make the head table extra special, especially if it’s a focal point in the front of the room.


1. Spruce it up with some decorative linen – make the head table extra special by using a luxurious linen on it. Forgo the polyester table skirting and use a satin or other fabric full length linen on the table.

2. Charger plates – not using charger plates on all your guest tables because of the budget? Then use them just on your head table and make your place settings stand out. Wrap satin napkins around them and add special touches like fresh flowers, personalized menus or thank you’s to your bridal party.

3. Sitting Pretty – love the look of chiavari chairs, ghost chairs or chameleon chairs but can’t afford to do all the chairs in the venue? Again, make your head table stand out and give you and your bridal party a special seat in the house.

4. Backdrop – highlight your head table with a backdrop and some lighting. This will showcase your head table and make all those photos that will be taken of you and your bridal party much more spectacular.

5. Statement pieces – if you had large floral arrangements made up for your ceremony, make sure to bring those with you to the reception venue and use them on either side of your head table.

Get creative and have some fun with your head table! It’s the most important table at your reception and you should make a point of dressing it up!