You’re Engaged! Now What?!?! Tip #5

Determine what your budget is for your wedding!

Today’s tip goes hand in hand with our last tip – deciding on what type of wedding you want. Your budget will determine a lot of things – how many people you can invite, the type of reception you can have and how elaborate you can get with your decor. #5 – Decide you budget – this might have to be discussed with your families. Are you and your fiancé going... Read More

You’re Engaged! Now What?!?! Tip #4

How about a breakfast wedding? What kind of wedding will you have?

So if you’ve decided that you’re hiring a wedding planner the next few tips we have for you would be worked through by you, your fiance, your families and of course your wedding planner. Here’s tip #4 #4 – Decide what kind of wedding you want – Is it formal, casual, themed? Do you have a place in mind already for the reception? Do you want a cocktail only reception?... Read More

You’re Engaged! Now What?!?! Tip #2

Take your time picking your bridal party - image from

So now that you’ve announced your engagement to all your close friends and family… here’s tip #2 #2 – Take your time deciding on your bridal party – So while you’re busy announcing your engagement to all your close family and friends, make sure you don’t invite all 10 of your college best buds to be in your bridal party. You’ll want to chat about this... Read More

You’re Engaged! Now What?!?!

Enriched Events assistant, Kayla, shows off her new sparkly engagement ring!

You’ve been waiting for him to propose for a while now, and he finally did. So now what? You have this gorgeous ring on your finger, all these ideas in your head, but where do you start? We’re going to give you some great tips on what to do next!! We have 10 tips in total, so we’ll share on each day – so bookmark us, follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get some... Read More

Controlling your guest list with the RSVP card

Calgary Wedding Planner

You have your guest list done and are hitting the limit with the number of guests you can invite due to the size of your venue. If your single friends decide to bring their date of the week, you’ll have to seat some guests in the bar or hallway if  you’re not careful. So how can you ensure that they know not to bring a date “just because”? Or how do you... Read More

Place cards vs. Seating Chart

Calgary Wedding Planner

So all your RSVPs are back (well almost!) and now it’s time to do the second most daunting tasking on your wedding planning list — the seating plan! (what’s the first most daunting item you ask? Coming up with the initial guest list of course!) Once you THINK you have it all figured out now it’s time to decide if you need or should have place cards, a seating... Read More

Head Table Ideas – Part 2


So now that you’ve determined the layout of your head table – (see our previous post here) now it’s time to do something special to it! I love to make the head table extra special, especially if it’s a focal point in the front of the room. 1. Spruce it up with some decorative linen – make the head table extra special by using a luxurious linen on it.... Read More

Head Table Ideas

alternate kings head table - enriched events calgary wedding planner

When working on your floor plan for the wedding reception think outside the box when it comes to the placement and orientation of your head table. Traditionally the head table goes in front of the room, usually on a riser in a long straight line. The bride and groom sit in the middle with the bridesmaids next to the bride and the groomsmen next to the bride. In some cultures, the... Read More

Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator – The Difference

Over the years I’ve met many brides who have told me “Sonia, I don’t need a wedding planner, my hotel has assigned someone to me that will take care of everything”. While part of that is true, here are the differences between what they will do versus what a Wedding Planner or Day of Wedding Coordinator will look after for you. The hotel representative (or... Read More

Taking Care of Yourself!

It’s no secret that besides wedding planning, fitness is my second love. I eat, breath, sleep weddings – but when I’m not I’m probably at the gym, doing some sort of crazy class or cooking healthy food. While I’ve always had a passion for fitness, in the past two years it evolved into a hobby for me. So it’s no surprise that my next post is going... Read More