Controlling your guest list with the RSVP card

Calgary Wedding Planner

You have your guest list done and are hitting the limit with the number of guests you can invite due to the size of your venue. If your single friends decide to bring their date of the week, you’ll have to seat some guests in the bar or hallway if ¬†you’re not careful. So how can you ensure that they know not to bring a date “just because”? Or how do you... Read More

Head Table Ideas – Part 2


So now that you’ve determined the layout of your head table – (see our previous post here) now it’s time to do something special to it! I love to make the head table extra special, especially if it’s a focal point in the front of the room. 1. Spruce it up with some decorative linen – make the head table extra special by using a luxurious linen on it.... Read More

Head Table Ideas

alternate kings head table - enriched events calgary wedding planner

When working on your floor plan for the wedding reception think outside the box when it comes to the placement and orientation of your head table. Traditionally the head table goes in front of the room, usually on a riser in a long straight line. The bride and groom sit in the middle with the bridesmaids next to the bride and the groomsmen next to the bride. In some cultures, the... Read More

Guestbook Station


Step 1 – Strike a Pose Step 2 – Attach Photo to Guestbook Step 3 – Sign your photo and leave Jennifer and Dave a message. Three steps is all we asked guests to do when they entered Jennifer and Dave’s wedding reception. Three steps that left them with a fun filled memory book of all their friends and family that celebrated their wedding day! Jennifer and... Read More

Out of Town Guest Boxes – The Finished Product


A few weeks ago we shared some ideas on what to put into your out-of-town gift boxes for your guests. Today we’re going to let you in on what we included in C+C’s guest boxes this past weekend for all their guests staying in the fabulous town of Banff! First we found some great ideas on Pintrest, and paired it with the one thing you can’t go to Banff and not buy... Read More

The Wedding Brunch

donut cake

Looking to mix things up a bit for your wedding meal? Why not host a wedding brunch instead of the traditional reception dinner? There are so many fun idea and you’ll save on the need for a full bar and a DJ or Band. Here are some of our favorite ideas: The mimosa bar – Offer your guests different fruit juices with their champagne. They’ll have a blast trying some... Read More

Alternatives to the Slide Show


We’ve almost all been to a wedding that has a slide show. Photos of the couple as they are growing up are show, followed by photos of them when they first met and were dating. Some last a few minutes, others can go on and on and on….. But everyone loves to see those cute baby photos and the photos of the couple falling in love. So how do you still have that displayed... Read More

Baby it’s Cold Outside….. Winter Wedding Favors


The chilly weather and all this snow has me craving a cup of hot chocolate complete with marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and maybe a dash of Baily’s! It also happens that we’re putting that together as one of our bride’s favors for her upcoming February wedding in Banff! So today’s inspiration board is for a warm and inviting hot chocolate bar. It would... Read More

The Kissing Game

kissing menu

I’ve been to enough weddings to know one of the VERY first things guest try is “tinking” their glasses to see if the bride and groom will kiss. If your MC hasn’t vetoed this out by the time you make your grand entrance, you can almost guarentee your guests will start the “tinking” right away! A lot of couples ask me what they should do as an alternative... Read More

Wedding Fashion – The Short Dress


Every now and again, I go through all the pretty things I’ve “pinned” and see what’s caught my eye while I’ve been on Pintrest. Today I went through the Wedding Fashion Board and saw that I had pinned a lot of short dresses! So here are some great picks – if you want to see more of what I’ve pinned for wedding fashion, find the links to... Read More